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  • Breathe


    (2017) play as Governor

    The inspiring true love story of Robin and Diana Cavendish, an adventurous couple who refuse to give up in the face of.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 58 min

  • Black Sails

    Black Sails

    (2014) play as De Groot

    Captain Flint and his pirates, twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic "Treasure Island".

    Time : 00 h 56 min

  • The Lost Future

    The Lost Future

    (2010) play as Elder #1

    A group of post-apocalyptic survivors struggle to survive in a world where jungles, forests, primeval wetlands and.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 30 min

  • The Bone Snatcher

    The Bone Snatcher

    (2003) play as Dr. Muller

    After miners disappear in the Namib Desert, scientists find their remains and seek to find what killed them.

    Time : 01 h 30 min

  • Vénus noire

    Vénus noire

    (2010) play as Hendrick Caezar

    The story of Saartjes Baartman, a Black domestic who, in 1808, left Southern Africa, then ruled by Dutch settlers, for.. Read more

    Time : 02 h 39 min

  • Second Skin

    Second Skin

    (2000) play as Harvey (as André Jacobs)

    A man opens a small-town bookstore in order to escape his connections to a mobster, but is reluctantly drawn back to.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 35 min

  • Avenger


    (2006) play as Fleming

    A CIA Agent steps in to stop a former Special Forces Operative on a for-hire mission that poses a global threat.

    Time : 01 h 32 min

  • Treasure Guards

    Treasure Guards

    (2011) play as Teddy

    An ancient scroll is unearthed. A holy secret is revealed. The race to secure the Seal Of Solomon has begun.

    Time : 01 h 30 min

  • Spud 3: Learning to Fly

    Spud 3: Learning to Fly

    (2014) play as New Glock

    As Spud Milton continues his awkward stagger through adolescence, he learns one of life's most important lessons: When.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 29 min

  • Mandela and de Klerk

    Mandela and de Klerk

    (1997) play as Niels Barnard

    On June 12, 1964, Nelson Mandela, along with a number of political detainees, was sentenced to life imprisonment in.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 54 min


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